imaginary friends
“Justine and the Mountie”

By Kristen Britain in
Imaginary Friends
Edited by John Marco

ISBN 978-0-7564-0511-3
DAW Books, Inc., New York, 2008.

When you were a child, did you have an imaginary friend who kept you company when you were lonely or scared, or who had the most delightful adventures with you? For anyone who fondly remembers that unique companion no one else could see or hear, here is a chance to recapture that magical time of your life. Join thirteen top imaginers as they introduce you to both special friends and special places in thirteen spellbinding tales.
            From the adventurous doings of a dragon and a boy…to a young woman held captive in a tower, and the mysterious being who is her only companion, though he can’t enter her room…to a beggar, a bartender, and a stray dog in the heart of Nashville…and a woman who seems to have lost her creativity until a toy Canadian Mountie suddenly comes to life…you’ll find an intriguing assortment of comrades to share some of your time with in Imaginary Friends.

Other contributors: Rick Hautala, Anne Bishop, Jean Rabe, Juliet McKenna, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Donald J. Bingle, Tim Waggoner, Paul Genesse, Russell Davis, Bill Fawcett, Fiona Patton, Jim C. Hines





Short Stories

Justine and the Mountie"Justine and the Mountie"
Imaginary Friends

Chafing the Bogey Man “Chafing the Bogey Man”

Linked, on the Lake of Souls“Linked, on the Lake of Souls”
DAW 30th Anniversary Anthology: Fantasy

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